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    How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Queensland?

    July 15, 2024

    How does workers’ compensation work in Queensland?

    In Queensland, workers’ compensation is available to workers injured in connection with their work. In other words, if you are injured at or because of work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

    To access workers’ compensation you should ask your doctor for a workers’ compensation medical certificate. This will start the workers’ compensation process. The medical certificate will be given to your employer and insurer. Many Queensland employers are insured by WorkCover and some larger employers are self-insured with their own workers’ compensation insurance.

    There are two types or phases to a workers’ compensation claim:

    Statutory Workers’ Compensation Claim

    By lodging a claim form and medical certificate (capacity to work certificate), you can access statutory workers’ compensation benefits.

    If you can establish that your injury or illness was caused at or because of work, the claim will be accepted. It is not necessary that you establish fault or negligence to access the benefits offered under a statutory workers’ compensation claim.

    Through this claim, you will be entitled to medical treatment and lost wages incurred as a result of injury or illness related to your employment. This works as a short-term solution to help you immediately.

    Common Law Claim

    In this claim lawyers will work to seek compensation beyond that covered by the statutory claim.

    To be successful in a common law claim the lawyers will need to again establish that you were injured or became sick at or because of work, but they must also establish that the employer was at fault and was negligent in their duty to you.

    They will seek compensation for your injury and illness taking into account your injury and impact on your enjoyment of life, ability to work now and in the future, medical needs in the future, and any assistance you may require.

    By making an inquiry with our legal team, we can consider your unique circumstances and advise you of the best way to access workers’ compensation in Queensland.

    Learn more about workers’ compensation claims in Queensland

    For additional insights into navigating workers’ compensation claims, visit the WorkSafe Queensland website.

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