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    Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

    If you have suffered as the result of an accident on the road, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Let us check your eligibility to make a motor vehicle accident injury claim.

    • No win no fee
    • No uplift fee
    • Time limits apply

    Are you suffering

    because of an injury or loss you experienced on the road?

    Facing the aftermath of a car accident can be emotionally and physically challenging for both you and your family. But recovery and rehabilitation must be your first priority. You can’t let money worries get in the way of your recovery – so it’s important to lodge your claim and access compensation as soon as possible.

    Types of injuries from motor vehicle accidents that lead to injury claims and compensation are as follows: 

    • Spinal Damage
    • Brain Damage
    • Whiplash Injuries
    • Broken limbs
    • Psychological Trauma
    • Multiple injuries from car accidents

    The damages you suffer from a car accident are often so much more than physical and emotional trauma. Perhaps you can’t stop replaying the accident in your mind, which is impacting your mental health. Perhaps you’re in constant pain or discomfort, which is impacting your quality of life. Perhaps you’re upset at the actions of the other people involved in your accident. All of which means that…

    You’re feeling angry, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

    We can’t undo the suffering you’ve experienced,
    but financial compensation will ease some of the distress
    associated with your situation.

    Determine your ability to claim – we can do it by phone, in our office, or we can come to you.

    The sooner we determine your eligibility to make a claim, the sooner we can help you access funding from the insurer – and that’s important, so rehabilitation can proceed immediately.

    Simply enquire now and we’ll have a quick chat about your ability to make a motor vehicle accident claim. There’s absolutely no obligation to choose us.

    If you’ve been injured on the road,

    Let us check your eligibility to make a claim.

    If the accident happened in Queensland, and you were not the driver at fault, we can help you with your claim – whether you were a passenger, pedestrian, driving a car, scooter, truck, motorcycle or bicycle. We are motor vehicle injury lawyers and have expertise in injury claims for Queenslanders.

    Tell us what happened, we’ll tell you what to expect.

    Compulsory Third Party Insurance exists to help victims of car crashes, automotive accidents, and motor vehicle injuries cover costs associated with their injuries; compensate for pain and suffering; and make up for any associated financial hardship. 

    Your payout amount depends on:

    • Your injuries or impairments
    • Your age and employment history
    • Your lost wages – past and future
    • Your expenses associated with medical treatment
    • Your need for ongoing care or rehabilitation

    Important, don’t delay your compensation claim.

    Strict time limits apply.

    In most cases, you have up to nine months to lodge a claim against the insurer*, where the vehicle is unidentified a time limit of three months applies, but the sooner your claim application is accepted, the sooner you can access benefits like:

    • Payments for medical and rehab expenses
    • Financial compensation for lost income

    *other time limits apply

    Here’s how our ‘no win no fee’ process works:

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      A free detailed discussion.

    • We plan

      You say ‘go’ – we build your case.

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      your case.

    • We conclude

      We reach a settlement.

    You pay nothing until you win

    We’ll also provide certainty and clarity, with a fair and transparent fee structure that has no ‘uplift’ fee, ever. You’ll pay nothing ‘til your claim is won.Our fees come directly from your end result, which means you don’t have to pay anything up front.

    Questions you might have

    What is No Win, No Fee?

    At Trilby Misso, there is no catch, no tricks – you will only be charged legal costs (that includes fees, disbursements, outlays, ALL costs)if you receive a compensation payment. Our promise to you as a client is that we are prepared to take the risk and wear the cost without any recourse to you if, for whatever reason, your outcome is unsuccessful.

    How do I make a claim?

    To make a motor vehicle injury claim, you need to have suffered an injury that was caused, at least partially, by another driver; and you need to have sustained loss as a result of the injury.

    How long will my claim take?

    It’s difficult to assess how long motor vehicle accident claims for compensation will take because every claim is different. For example, the seriousness of your injuries and the time it will take to recover and receive all the necessary treatment is a large factor when determining how long your claim will take. If you believe you have a claim for compensation, it’s important that you get in touch with our car accident lawyers today, so we can make an accurate assessment.

    Do I have to go to court?

    In most claims, your case will be settled before it proceeds to court. It’s in the best interests of the parties to settle prior to court as this adds additional costs and can be a lengthy process. You will be in control of whether your matter proceeds from the pre-court process through to being litigated in court. If your claim does proceed to court, you’ll have us by your side at every step ensuring that your claim goes ahead smoothly.

    What kind of compensation am I entitled to?

    If you’re successful in making a claim for car accident compensation, you’ll be entitled to claim for a sum of money. The sum will be assessed based on your injuries, your age, your loss of income (now and in the future), medical bills and out of pocket expenses, future expenses (such as surgery) and any care you may need.

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    • Give you an indication of your eligibility to make a claim for compensation.
    • Explain, in simple terms, how our process works. We will answer
      any questions you have about fees, the legal process, and anything else you’re unsure about relating to your claim.

    We understand that taking legal action can be stressful, and we’ll do all we can to ease your concerns.

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