Whatever your
reason for needing help,
talk to Trilby, for all
the right reasons:

Reason #1

Extraordinary client care

Trilby Misso built its reputation on unsurpassed client support.

Reason #2

Compassionate people

Our team will do all they can to help ease your distress.

Reason #3

Genuine understanding

We totally know what you and your family are going through.

Reason #4

We do
one thing

We are specialists in Compensation law – we know it inside out.

Reason #5

Enviable success rate

Averaging 99% success rate on claims that go to settlement.

Reason #6

Free initial consultation

We’ll explain your rights. You’ll know where you stand. There’s no obligation.

Reason #7

No ‘uplift’ fee – ever!

Some firms charge extra for a win – we don’t.

Reason #8

We’ll come
to you

We’re happy to meet where it’s most convenient for you.

Reason #9


If you leave us a message, we’ll get back to you within 2 hours, during business hours.

Reason #10

No fee until
you win

You’ll pay us nothing until your case is settled.

Reason #11

‘Fixed Rate’

Some firms increase their rates as the claim progresses – not us!

Reason #12

Straight talk, always

From your initial consultation on – expect 100% frank discussions.

Reason #13

No ‘Class

We focus our energy 100% on giving clients very personal, one-on-one assistance.

Reason #14

Same team throughout

It’s extremely unlikely your legal team will change during the course of your claim.

Reason #15

Help beyond legal advice

We can provide advice on rehabilitation and more.

Reason #16

We keep you in the loop

We keep you updated about your case, regularly.

Reason #17

So easy to
talk to

No legal jargon here – we’re just a nice bunch of people eager to help.

Reason #18

Communicate your way

Phone, text, Messenger, live chat… you choose how and when.

Reason #19

A proud

From 1956 to today, ‘extraordinary client care’ has been our difference.

Reason #20

Qld’s 1st specialist in Compensation law

We’ve focussed on just one area of law for very a long time.

With you

With you

brighter days
for over 50 years.

Sometimes it’s the little things we do that can brighten your day. When people are distressed, we do all we can to help; we stay in touch regularly and offer practical advice, often beyond just legal advice. And then, some days, it’s the big things – like when a claim is settled. We aim to make life better for our clients.
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  • 1950
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A little history:
  • In 1956, Trilby Misso opened its doors at Redcliffe.
  • We were Qld’s 1st law firm to focus exclusively on Compensation law.
  • Through expertise in our area of law, and an extraordinary commitment to client care, we grew to become one of Qld’s largest law firms.
  • We’re fully independent, with ownership returning to a long-serving director of Trilby Misso in 2020, following five years of ownership by another law firm.
  • Many of our team (management, lawyers and staff), have long histories with Trilby Misso, and all share the same commitment to client care that’s always made Trilby Misso special.

Our people choose
to be lawyers for
the right reasons.

We understand what you and your family are going through, and we’re here to ease your distress, ensure a fair outcome, and help restore ‘normality’ to your life.
Kathryn MacDonell - Senior Associate

Kathryn MacDonell - Senior Associate

Kathryn’s career began at Trilby Misso back in 2001 as an Article Clerk, which resulted in her admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2005. Throughout her time at Trilby Misso…

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Gillian McKnight – Senior Associate

Gillian McKnight – Senior Associate

Gillian is your Trilby Misso lawyer in Springfield. She has over 15 years’ experience in our specialist area of law, and she’s the proud mum of two very funny and active girls.
Peter Ivory - Senior Associate

Peter Ivory - Senior Associate

Peter has a particular interest in seeking justice for people who’ve been damaged by institutional abuse, and helping them restart their lives. With a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Master of Legal Practice…

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Talk to Trilby,
for all the
right reasons.

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