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    We are sincerely sorry you have suffered an accident at work.
    Over the past 60 years we’ve helped thousands of people navigate the complexities of WorkCover claims and receive the payouts they deserve – quickly and easily. We’re here to help you in this difficult time too.”

    Kathryn MacDonell, CEO

    Uncertain if your accident is eligible for a claim

    …and want to chat about it with someone who knows workplace compensation law, regardless of how big or small your injury or condition is

    Worried because you’ve never taken legal action before

    …and want an honest opinion and advice to help you know what to do, how long it will take, and what you should expect

    Feeling uneasy about suing your employer

    …and want a calm and caring professional to walk you through it with confidence (and without judgement, while protecting your career opportunities)

    Unsure which compensation laws relate to your case

    …and want to know how to maximise any potential payout (including future economic loss)

    Confused (and even pressured) by WorkCover

    …and want a second opinion before you sign anything (like a Lump Sum Offer) that forces you to unnecessarily settle for less than you are entitled to

    Nervous about being overcharged for bad advice

    …and want to speak with someone who understands your situation, has special experience with your exact type of claim, and will handle everything including dealing with WorkCover and your employer

    Stressed about mounting bills

    …and need a lawyer who can help you survive (financially) while you recover (physically and emotionally) and pursue your claim

    Exhausted but also feel afraid for your future

    …and want expert help to get the payout you need to live the life you deserve

    Lots of people who have suffered a workplace accident have the same concerns. That’s why we created a Free ‘Quick Chat’ Consultation to answer your questions, explain your options, and help you through this difficult time.

    How We Help Queensland Workers Get Maximum Payout In Minimum Time

    Since 1956 we have helped more than 40,000 people successfully navigate work-related injury claims.

    Unlike other lawyers with complicated fee structures (that often include upfront or expensive uplift fees that can increase your costs by 25%), our genuine no-win-no-pay fees are fair and totally transparent so you know exactly what to expect and won’t pay a cent unless you win.

    While many lawyers prioritise cases based on fee potential (forcing you to wait for your money), we treat every case as urgent and help you get the best outcome (including compensation for future economic loss) as fast as possible, so you can focus on recovering and enjoying your best future.

    We’ll even come to you (or meet over Zoom) and explain everything in plain English so you always know exactly what’s happening with your claim.

    Tell us what happened,

    we’ll tell you what to expect.

    Workers’ Compensation insurance exists to help injured workers cover costs associated with their injuries; compensate for pain and suffering; and make up for any associated financial hardship. Whether it be through a WorkCover claim; a workplace or superannuation insurance claim; or through other means; we can help you to access the appropriate compensation.

    Examples of work injuries are:

    • Physical injuries, for example a fractured ankle, a lower back strain and many more.
    • Psychological injuries, such as depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders.
    • Aggravation of a pre-existing condition or pre-existing injury
    • A delayed onset injury or condition, for example asbestosis or mesothelioma
    • In over period of time injury, which could include repetitive-strain injury, psychological injury and the like that may take weeks or months to develop.

    Your payout amount depends on:

    • Your injuries or impairments
    • Your age and employment history
    • Your lost wages – past and future
    • Your expenses associated with medical treatment
    • Your need for ongoing care or rehabilitation

    Determine your ability to claim –
    we can do it by phone, in our office, or we can come to you.

    How were you injured?

    You may be eligible to claim if one or more of the below applies to you:

    • I’ve got a head injury
    • My vision is impaired
    • I hurt my arm or leg
    • I hurt a joint
    • I hurt my back
    • I hurt my neck
    • I lost a limb or body part
    • I have a recurring injury / pain
    • I have body pains
    • I’ve been burnt
    • I have a mental illness

    Important, don’t delay your compensation claim.

    Strict time limits apply.

    Generally, you have up to six months to lodge – but the sooner your claim application is accepted, the sooner you can access benefits like:

    • Regular payments for lost wages
    • Payments for medical and rehab expenses

    Why 40,000+ People Have Chosen
    Trilby Misso Since 1956

    Workplace accident claims can be complicated. And one mistake (like prematurely signing a WorkCover Lump Sum Offer or failing to consider future economic losses) can leave you tens or even hundreds of thousands worse off.

    That’s why it’s so important to choose the right lawyer. Here’s some of the reasons why tens of thousands of Queensland workers are glad they chose Trilby Misso to help them with their workplace accident claim:

    Trusted for decades

    We’ve been trusted by tens of thousands of people for more than six decades.


    We’ll meet you anywhere: phone, our office, a cafe, or your home.

    No win, no fee

    No win, no fee. And there’s no uplift fee.


    We promise a two hour response time during business hours.


    We live and breathe
    compensation matters.

    Trilby Misso was Queensland’s first law firm to focus 100% on compensation law. We know it inside out, which is why we’re able to achieve an outcome faster than average. We’ve always aimed to make life better for our clients by doing all we can to help, providing a dedicated and compassionate team in your corner.

    Here’s how we’re different from
    every other law firm

    you may be considering

    Other Lawyers
    60+ Years Of Experience Yes No
    No Win No Fee Yes Yes
    Uplift Fee Never Yes
    Speed of settlement Faster than average Depends
    Meeting Flexibility We’ll meet you anywhere:
    phone, our office, a cafe, or your home.
    Limited to phone or office
    Two-hour response time
    during business hours
    Yes No

    Here’s how our ‘no win no fee’ process works:

    • We chat

      It’s a free consultation.

    • We meet

      A free detailed discussion.

    • We plan

      You say ‘go’ – we build your case.

    • We lodge

      We present
      your case.

    • We conclude

      We reach a settlement.

    You pay nothing until you win

    We’ll also provide certainty and clarity, with a fee structure that has no ‘uplift’ fee, ever. You’ll pay nothing ‘til your claim is won.

    Maybe you have these questions

    How do you charge for workplace injury cases?

    Here at Trilby Misso, we operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which means we’ll only charge fees if your claim is successful. And, unlike some other lawyers, we won’t charge an “uplift” fee, either. An uplift fee can be a significant charge of up to 25% of the fees. Learn more about our fees here.

    Can I manage my workplace injury claim by myself?

    There are two phases to a WorkCover Claim:

    1. Statutory Workers’ Compensation Claim. Through this claim you will be entitled to medical treatment and lost wages incurred as a result of injury or illness related to your employment. This works as a short term solution to help you immediately.
    2. Common Law Claim. In this claim lawyers will work to seek compensation, where your employer is at fault, for your injury and illness taking into account your injury, the impact on your and future losses likely to be incurred.

    You may have already lodged your Statutory claim and are managing that well on your own.

    While it is possible to manage your Common Law claim independently, doing so may not yield the best outcome. There are important timeframes to work within and missing those deadlines can have serious consequences including losing your entitlement to claim.

    It is important that any decisions you make are fully informed and seeking legal advice will ensure you have that information to make the best decisions. We have the expertise to negotiate with employers and insurance companies effectively, potentially securing a higher compensation amount than you could on your own.

    I have received a Lump Sum offer from WorkCover, what do I do now?

    In some cases WorkCover may make you a Lump Sum Offer. This can be overwhelming as it involves making an important decision in a set timeframe.

    The Lump Sum Offer is the final part of the Statutory Workers’ Compensation Claim. WorkCover will make this offer when your injury is deemed stable by a medical expert. A stable injury means it is not getting better and not getting worse, it has stablised and no further treatment will improve it.

    The sum of the Lump Sum Offer is calculated by reference to your assessed Degree of Permanent Impairment (DPI). Under this scheme each percentage of DPI equals a sum of money. That sum is not calculated by reference to your age, how long you have left in the workforce, your ability to work, future treatment needed or the impact of the injury on your life.

    When your DPI is assessed under 20%, you must make a decision as to whether you accept the statutory offer or pursue a Common Law Claim. An experienced WorkCover injury lawyer will be able to advise you about whether you should accept the Lump Sum Offer or whether you have a valid Common Law Claim worth pursuing.

    As the consequences of accepting the Lump Sum Offer often means giving up a Common Law Claim, we strongly recommend seeking legal advice before you make any decisions. By seeking legal advice you can make a fully informed decision.

    Does hiring a lawyer for a workplace injury mean going to court?

    Most workplace injury claims in Queensland are settled outside of court through direct negotiations. The Queensland laws are created to keep these matters out of court which means workers have quicker access to a settlement and avoid the costs involved in taking a matter to court. Approximately 98% of claims settle before a trial commences in a court. However, if a fair settlement cannot be achieved, a Trilby Misso lawyer is prepared to represent you in court to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

    What if my workplace injury seems minor? Is it still worth getting a lawyer?

    Even minor injuries can have unforeseen complications and costs. A Trilby Misso lawyer can help assess the full impact of your injury, including future medical expenses or lost earning capacity, ensuring you receive adequate compensation.

    How do I choose the right lawyer for my workplace injury claim?

    Choose a lawyer with specific experience in workplace injury claims and a proven track record of securing compensation for their clients. It’s important to select someone who communicates clearly and whom you trust, as they will be your advocate in this process.

    How do I make a claim?

    To be able to claim for a workplace accident, you will have suffered an injury at work. This injury can take the form of a psychological or physical injury, and it has to have been contracted in the course of your employment. You don’t need to have been at your workplace, and in many cases, you can claim for injuries incurred on your way to and from work, and to workplace-related venues such as meetings or other related travel. Injuries that are the aggravation of existing conditions may also be claimable. Contact us to start the claims process.

    How long will my claim take?

    With every claim having different factors to consider it’s difficult to assess how long your claim will take to process. We can provide you with a better estimate of how long your claim will take in our assessment meeting.

    What kind of compensation am I entitled to?

    When working with your personal injury lawyer in establishing your claim, we will look at your injuries, your age, future expenses (such as surgery), your loss of income (now and in the future), medical bills and out of pocket expenses, and any care you may need.

    Our Best Advice Regarding Your
    Potential Workplace Accident Claim

    Investigating workplace accident legal options can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why we created a Free ‘Quick Chat’ Consultation. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get the answers and information you need to avoid expensive mistakes and get maximum payout in minimum time including:

    • Your Questions Answered:
      Not exactly sure what you should do, how long it will take, and what you should expect? We’ll answer your questions openly and honestly. And give you an easy Claim Checklist to help you get the best outcome. 
    • Surprises And Pitfalls:
      Making a workplace accident claim can be complicated. And little mistakes can quickly compound into a failed claim (or a smaller payout than you deserve). We’ll help you understand the process so you can avoid mistakes and enjoy a faster, bigger payout.
    • Case Study Comparison:
      Curious about the payouts other people have received? We’ll show you case studies of similar claims so you can get a better understanding of what’s involved and what you may be entitled to.
    • Costs And Timelines:
      While other lawyers lure people with unrealistically short timelines and low advertised prices (that often increase by 25% or more through uplift fees), we will give you and honest outline of what it will cost and how long it will take to process your claim, so you can plan with certainty.

    • Lawyer Comparison Criteria:
      Comparing lawyers can be challenging. Most appear to be similar in qualifications, experience, and pricing. Yet the truth is very different. Our list of Compensation Comparison Criteria (above) will help you choose the right team for your workplace accident claim.
    • Options and Alternatives:
      You’ll explore ways Trilby Misso can help you navigate your workplace accident claim, so you get a bigger payout, faster.

    Rest assured, your Free ‘Quick Chat’ Consultation is completely confidential, 100% free, and totally without obligation (or pressure). An experienced workplace lawyer (not a commission salesperson/junior assistant) will answer your questions and share our six decades of experience with workplace accident claims.

    Call 07 3910 5470 or fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you within 2 hours (during business hours). We look forward to meeting you.