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    Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer For Your CTP Motor Vehicle Accident Claim.

    Mar 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Injury

    If you are a victim of a motor vehicle accident, you are most likely feeling very anxious about your health and your financial situation and will need to make a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) motor vehicle accident claim. Victims of road accidents have a choice whether to deal directly with the insurer themselves or whether to seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer. People who are experiencing financial stress due to personal injury often choose to self-represent mainly because they feel they can’t afford expensive legal costs. This reasoning is entirely understandable; however, self-representation carries considerable risks. The CTP compensation claim process is very complex, and insurance companies may deny the claim or offer a substantially lower amount of compensation to which the claimant is entitled.

    The Statistics.

    The Motor Accident Insurance Commission’s (MAIC’s) latest report revealed that over 20% of claimants choose to self-represent in CTP claims after a motor vehicle accident. Misconceptions associated with self-representation, such as mistrust of lawyers, expensive legal costs and a drawn-out claims process, are common reasons people choose to self-represent. However, the MAIC report also shows the most common reason for engaging a lawyer in a CTP claim was a lack of understanding of the CTP process (53%), confusing industry jargon, considering lawyers to be experts (33%) and a desire to save time and stress (23%).

    Statistics in the MAIC Claimants Research Report 2017 show that legally represented claimants receive more compensation and an average total settlement amount of $93,000 compared to direct claimants who received approximately $13,000. The benefits of engaging a personal injury lawyer to act on your behalf speak for themselves; claimants receive more compensation in hand even after accounting for legal costs. Additionally, 97% of legally represented claimants said they were extremely satisfied with their settlement amount and would definitely engage a lawyer for future claims.

    Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for My CPT Claim?

    Minor injuries such as whiplash or soft tissue injury can lead to chronic pain and disability that impact your day to day life. Whether you have a minor injury, or injuries that result in disability or permanent impairment, medical costs, rehabilitation, long-term care, loss of income and livelihood, you should seek professional legal representation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will navigate the complexities of the CTP claims process, work hard to alleviate your stress and work towards achieving the maximum amount of compensation possible. If you’re unsure on whether to self-represent or instruct a lawyer, give Trilby Misso a call. We offer an obligation-free initial consultation with no strings attached! We’ll answer any questions you may have, help put your mind at ease and assist you in making an informed decision.

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