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    What Steps Should I Take After a Workplace Injury in Queensland?

    May 10, 2024 | Workplace Injury Claim

    What Steps Should I Take After a Workplace Injury in Queensland?

    Being involved in a workplace accident can be frightening, traumatic, and can have lifelong consequences. A lawyer will work with you through this uncertain time.

    Regardless of the circumstances and severity of the work accident there are some basic general steps that should be taken:

    1. Record The Details

    Make a note of the date, time, place of the accident. Record any details of other people involved in the accident, their registration number, name, address, phone number will all be required. If there are witnesses, also take a note of their contact details. If you can take photos of the accident scene, and any damage, that will also be helpful.

    2. Make a Report

    Report the accident to your employer. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your supervisor or human resource department for advice.

    3. Seek Medical Review

    Seek medical review and obtain a work capacity certificate. If you have sustained an injury it is important that you seek medical attention and get the appropriate advice and treatment. It is important that you report all symptoms to the Doctor so that they can properly treat you. The doctor should issue you with a work capacity certificate.

    4. Make a WorkCover Claim

    Lodge the claim with WorkCover or the relevant insurer. You will lodge a claim form and the work capacity certificate with WorkCover. Once this is accepted you will be able to access weekly compensation for lost wages and medical treatment. This is known as a statutory WorkCover claim.

    5. Talk to a Lawyer

    Consider lodging a Common Law Claim. This is a claim for compensation beyond the immediate lost wages and medical expenses. Where your employer was negligent you can then claim compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages in the past and future, future medical expenses and future care.

    Lawyers who specialise in workers’ compensation injury law are familiar with these laws and can take care of the necessary steps, claim forms, time frames and gathering evidence, which allows you to then focus on your recovery and rehabilitation. We recommend speaking with a lawyer to fully understand your rights and obligations specific to your circumstances.

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