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    What Types of Motorcycle Accident Cases do Lawyers in Queensland handle?

    May 13, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Injury

    What Types of Motorcycle Accident Cases do Lawyers in Queensland handle?

    Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately a common occurance and injuries can vary from minor to catastrophic. Being injured in a motorcycle accident can create further issues than just the injury itself, like time off work, being unable to care for yourself, medical expenses and the stress of the uncertainty around your future. This is where motor accident injury lawyers can assist.

    Examples of a motorcycle accident are:

      • Two or more motorcycles colliding
      • A motorcycle colliding with another vehicle, pushbike, pedestrian, scooter or truck
      • Dangerous driving of one party causing an accident
      • Forklift or tractors on a road causing an accident
      • Stolen vehicles causing accidents and injury
      • Hit and run accidents, where the vehicle is unidentified
      • Drink driver related accidents
      • Taking evasive action and causing injury in an attempt to avoid an accident

    An accident does not necessarily have to happen on a road for there to be a right to make a claim for compensation.

    What will a motorcycle accident lawyer do for me?

    A motorcycle accident lawyer will:

      • Gather evidence in relation to the accident, the parties involved, identify the insurer, and will look over issues and evidence relating to liability, that is who is at fault;
      • Protect your rights by ensuring all administrative requirements to make a claim are met, for example, making sure a Notice of Accident Claim Form is lodged in the relevant time frames;
      • Request that the insurer fund any recommended rehabilitation, for example, where physiotherapy is recommended, the lawyer may request that the insurer fund that treatment upfront for you;
      • Gather evidence about your financial losses and injury, this could include income information both pre and post accident, medical receipts, medical reports, and imaging reports.
      • Provide you with advice regarding your prospects of success and the likely compensation to be awarded to you based on the available evidence.
      • Negotiate on your behalf with your instructions to attempt to resolve the claim without needing to involve the courts.
      • Represent you throughout the claim and if necessary (only where an out of Court settlement can’t be reached) commence Court Proceedings and represent you at trial.

    It is recommended that you seek legal advice as to the very specific circumstances of your motorcycle accident so that you may fully understand your rights and obligations.

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