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    Are Stress and Mental Health Issues Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

    Apr 25, 2024 | Compensation Law

    Are stress and mental health issues covered under workers’ compensation?

    In Queensland, workers’ compensation laws recognise mental health conditions as a work-related injury/illness. It is very important that you immediately seek medical advice and treatment if you are suffering from stress or a mental health issue.

    Most common mental health claims arise from:

      • Work pressure – like job demands, lack of role clarity, lack of support 
      • Violence 
      • Bullying & harassment
      • Witnessing trauma 

    Examples of work-related stress include:

      • Depression 
      • Anxiety 
      • Post traumatic stress disorder – PTSD
      • Adjustment disorder

    Where workers establish that their psychological injury was caused in connection with their employment, they are then entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits, including medical treatment and lost wages.


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