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    What Evidence is Needed For a Successful ‘No win No fee’ injury claim in Queensland?

    June 4, 2024

    What evidence is needed for a successful no win no fee injury claim in Queensland?

    There are two elements in a no win no fee injury claim that your lawyer will gather evidence in relation to, that is:

    • Liability – who’s fault it is; and
    • Quantum – the dollar value of the claim

    When you make a no win no fee injury claim, it is up to you, with the help of your legal team, to provide the evidence to prove the claim. A good no win no fee injury lawyer is highly skilled at knowing what evidence is required to achieve a positive result.

    1. Liability

    The first of the issues is liability. This is the who is at fault question and will determine if you win or lose your claim. To win, you must establish that the other party or parties are at fault. Evidence as to liability could include things like:

    • Police reports;
    • Witness statements;
    • Your statement;
    • Accident reports;
    • Dash cam footage;
    • Damage caused;
    • Photos of the scene; and
    • CCTV footage.

    2. Quantum

    The second issue of quantum, that is how much your claim is worth, can be supported by a variety of evidence like:

    • Medical treatment notes;
    • Hospital records;
    • Ambulance notes;
    • Specialist reports and medico-legal opinion;
    • Income tax returns before and after the accident;
    • Witness statements;
    • Receipts for expenses;
    • Records of assistance received;
    • Injury photos; and
    • X-ray and medical imaging reports.

    When you are gathering evidence for your no win no fee lawyer or responding to a request for information for your lawyer, by promptly providing the information you allow your legal team to progress your claim without delay. By providing the information in a neat, well set out format, you also allow your legal team to focus on the legal matters of the claim as well as save unnecessary costs in them sifting through documents searching for what they need.

    Further information about making a no win no fee injury claim in Queensland:


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