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    Average Costs or Fees Associated With ‘no win, no fee’ Injury Lawyers in Queensland?

    Average Costs or Fees Associated With ‘no win, no fee’ Injury Lawyers in Queensland?

    Each no win, no fee injury compensation case is unique and each claim is different. While there are laws setting out procedures that must happen in each case, the individuals involved, the injury, the impact of that injury, the circumstances of the accident, the amount of evidence to gather and analyse, and the length of time involved will vary from case to case. It is therefore difficult to give a meaningful average cost of hiring a no win, no fee injury lawyer in Queensland.

    A more meaningful measure will be the lawyer’s estimate of fees. When you meet with a lawyer for an obligation free assessment, if they believe your claim is valid and worth pursuing, they will offer to act for you on a no win, no fee basis. It is a requirement that they give you a Costs Agreement and Costs Disclosure.

    This will set out the terms upon how they will charge you for the work they do. It is also a requirement that they give you an estimate of their fees. This estimate will be prepared giving consideration to the circumstances of your accident and what the lawyer believes will be involved in acting for you and bringing your claim to a successful conclusion.

    What percentage of my settlement will the lawyer charge?

    A common question is what percentage of a settlement the lawyer will charge. This is known as a contingency fee and is not allowed in Queensland. However, law firms can offer you a percentage cap on fees, which means if the work they do is more than that agreed percentage, they will reduce their fees, this is an excellent assurance for you that the fees will never exceed that agreed percentage. 

    Understanding if your lawyer will charge an uplift fee is important. At Trilby Misso we do NOT charge an uplift fee. An uplift fee can be a charge of up to 25% of the lawyer fees, this can amount to a significant amount of money from your settlement.

    We recommend reading more on No Win No Fee Agreements to understand your obligations and rights under the agreement.

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