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    Can I Make A Claim For A Public Transport Injury?

    March 10, 2021

    Can I Make A Claim For A Public Transport Injury?

    Accidents involving public transport don’t occur often, but when they do, both passengers and bystanders can suffer serious injury. Buses, coaches, trains, light rail and ferries are large, heavy vehicles that can cause catastrophic injury in the event of an accident. If you’ve been injured in a public transport accident in Queensland, you may be eligible to compensation and are encouraged to seek professional legal advice. Regardless of whether you were a passenger or not, you may be able to claim for injuries received and for those prevent you from living a full life.

    Types of Public Transport Accidents

    Accidents involving public transport often occur due to the hasty actions of the driver. Sudden braking and unexpected acceleration may cause people to fall, or be thrown from a seat causing physical injury. Passengers and bystanders may also trip in the gutter when exiting or boarding the vehicle, or be struck by closing or opening doors. Many public transport accidents result in unintentional injuries due to the nature of the mode of travel.

    Steps You Should Take If You Have Been Injured on Public Transport

    There are certain steps that you should take in the aftermath of an accident, such as ensuring your own safety, and the safety of others involved in the accident and those in the immediate vicinity. Other steps may include:

    1. Informing emergency services such as ambulance if necessary.
    2. Reporting the accident to the Police.
    3. Collect contact details from any witnesses.
    4. Get medical treatment as soon as possible.
    5. Contact Trilby Misso Lawyers to obtain expert legal advice regarding your legal rights to compensation.

    Details about the cause of injury are essential when making a compensation claim, so it is vital that you keep an accurate record of the accident. Trilby Misso Lawyers offers a no-obligation free initial consultation during which our lawyers will ascertain whether you have a valid compensation claim. As experts in personal injury law, we offer professional legal guidance and operate a No Win/No Fee arrangement, meaning you won’t pay for our services until we reach a settlement. Trilby Misso Lawyers undertake No Win, No Fee cases according to the merit of the claim.

    Our comprehensive legal services include:

    ● Professional legal advice and guidance regarding your rights.
    ● Assistance with compensation claim documentation and associated legal processes.
    ● Court action if required.
    ● Negotiating a resolution of your claim settlement on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

    A successful compensation claim could cover:

    ● Medical costs.
    ● Rehabilitation costs.
    ● Home nursing care and ongoing support costs.
    ● Medical equipment/ aids and home modifications.
    ● Loss of wages and future earnings.
    ● Superannuation.
    ● General damages for physical, psychological pain and suffering.

    If you received an injury involving public transport of any kind, we highly recommend that you seek legal advice quickly as time limits apply to personal injury claims. Trilby Misso Lawyers put your interests first. We know that public transport injuries range in severity from superficial to physically and psychologically traumatic, and many accidents have far-reaching consequences for the injured person and their family. At Trilby Misso Lawyers, we work hard to make sure we get you the compensation to which you are entitled, so call us today at 1300 731 582 to discuss your rights.


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