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    Does Trilby Misso Offer a ‘no win no fee’ Arrangement For Personal Injury Cases?

    June 13, 2024

    Does Trilby Misso offer a no win no fee arrangement for personal injury cases?

    Trilby Misso offers no win no fee arrangements to injured Queenslanders with a viable personal injury claim. You only pay legal fees if you are successful in your personal injury case, this is often referred to as a no win no fee arrangement.

    When we meet, the team at Trilby Misso will take the time to ensure you fully understand the no win no fee agreement, what it means for you and what, if any, risks exist.

    The benefit of hiring a no win no fee lawyer is that it allows people access to justice that they would not otherwise be in a financial position to pursue. Suffering an injury and the impact of that injury can be financially stressful, having to pay for a lawyer upfront would be impossible for so many Queenslanders. A no win no fee injury lawyer means that injured people have the opportunity to engage a lawyer and pursue their claim without paying upfront legal fees.

    You will be working with your no win no fee lawyer on a matter incredibly important to you, it is crucial you have a clear line of communication and feel free to ask questions. This will begin with the no win no fee agreement. After the lawyer has explained the terms of the agreement and any risks that may exist, if you have any questions, it is important that you ask and seek clarification of anything you are unsure of. The lawyer understands that this is a new experience for you, so they will not judge you for asking questions. Good questions to ask your no win no fee injury lawyer are:

    • What happens if I lose the case?
    • Are there any upfront fees or costs to pay?
    • Are there any hidden costs?

    What happens if I lose the case?

    If your claim is unsuccessful, it is important that you understand what, if any, expenses you may be responsible for. Some no win no fee injury lawyers may require you to pay for any external expenses incurred, like report and search fees. At Trilby Misso we do not require any fees or expenses to be paid if you are unsuccessful.

    There is always a risk if you proceed to a trial and lose, that a Judge may make an order that you pay the insurer’s legal fees (less than 2% of cases in Queensland proceed to a trial). The likelihood of this happening is something you should discuss with your no win no fee injury lawyer. They will be able to advise you after taking into consideration the very specific details of your case.

    Are there any upfront fees or costs to pay?

    Some no win no fee lawyers require search and report fees to be paid upfront. At Trilby Misso we DO NOT REQUIRE ANY FEES OR COSTS TO BE PAID UPFRONT.

    Are there any hidden costs?

    One risk in many no win no fee agreements are hidden costs like an uplift fee. Many no win no fee lawyers charge an uplift up to 25% of their fees, this can amount to a significant sum from your settlement. It is important you fully understand all terms of the agreement and any extra charges like an uplift fee. At Trilby Misso we never charge an uplift fee.

    Learn more about Queensland legislation for personal injury cases


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