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    Do I have a valid motor vehicle accident claim in Queensland as a passenger in a vehicle?

    July 1, 2024

    Do I have a valid motor vehicle accident claim in Queensland as a passenger in a vehicle?

    Personal injury claim, CTP, Compulsory Third Party, compensation, compo, damages, reimbursement, and claim are all expressions you may have heard which can mean the same thing. Assessing if you have a valid motor vehicle accident claim in Queensland will depend on where and how you were injured.

    Being a passenger in a car accident can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to navigating the legal processes involved in making a motor vehicle accident claim. There are laws set out in legislation as well as case law from the Courts which establish who can claim compensation, how to go about making a claim and how claims will be assessed (put into a dollar value sum).

    If you have sustained an injury caused in relation to a motor vehicle accident in Queensland and you are within the legal time frames, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation and have a valid claim.

    In assessing if you have a valid claim, lawyers will examine:


    To have a valid motor accident claim in Queensland the accident has to have occurred in Queensland.

    Time limits

    Lawyers will establish when the accident occurred and if you are within those important time frames to make a claim. In special cases, if you are outside those important time frames, there may be special circumstances in which the deadline can be extended.


    The identity of the person who caused the accident, that is the negligent party. The party at fault may have been careless, failed to stop, or drove without due care and attention. The at fault party may even be unidentified, in the case of a hit and run.


    A claim is to compensate you for any injuries you have suffered and any losses incurred as a result of the injuries sustained. Your lawyer will gather evidence about the injury, the likelihood of recovery or ongoing issues as well as the impact of the injury on your ability to work and care for yourself.

    A lawyer can examine the matters listed above and make an assessment as to whether they believe you have a valid motor accident claim in Queensland, as a passenger in an accident.

    Learn more about making a motor vehicle accident claim as a passenger in Queensland

    For further information about motor vehicle accident laws and legal resources in Queensland, visit the Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Commission Website. Explore authoritative content to enhance your understanding of legal procedures and your rights as a citizen.

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