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    Can I Get a Free Consultation With Trilby Misso Lawyers in Queensland?

    June 28, 2024

    Can I get a free consultation with Trilby Misso Lawyers in Queensland?

    Trilby Misso is a well-known law firm in Queensland, Australia, specialising in personal injury law. At Trilby Misso, we have helped over 40,000 Queenslanders navigate their personal injury claim and access compensation.

    Trilby Misso offers ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements, and free initial consultations to prospective clients. During this consultation, you can discuss the details of your case, learn about the lawyer’s experience, and explore whether they are the right fit for your needs.

    A free consultation might also be described as an obligation free call, obligation free appointment or a free initial appointment. At Trilby Misso we happily offer you a free initial consultation and you can organise this by:

    • Calling us on 1300 730 845 and asking if you can speak to a lawyer;
    • Online Enquiry Form: If you prefer to chat online, visit the Trilby Misso website and chat to our team on the live online chat function.
    • Free Online Claim Checker Form: The free online claim checker form is a convenient way to get an initial indication of whether you might have a viable claim at no cost and no obligation.
    • Online Contact: If it suits you better, leave your contact details with us on our Contact Page and we will be in touch when it suits you.

    An obligation free consultation will allow the lawyer and yourself to ask questions of each other:

    • The Lawyer will want to establish details about your accident and injury so that they can establish if you have a viable claim.
    • You will be able to ask any questions you have, this might be about the process, their experience, their advice specific to you and any costs agreement they may offer you.

    The free consultation is an excellent opportunity to establish if you have a valid claim. Some lawyers may tell you that they are not prepared to take your matter on, in this case, we would recommend calling another lawyer to get a second opinion.

    For further information about scheduling your free consultation with Trilby Misso Lawyers in Queensland and to learn more about our ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury services


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