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    What injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation?

    What injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation?

    Workers’ Compensation typically covers employees across all employment types, including full-time, part-time, casual, and permanent positions. Even though some workers are employed as independent contractors, they may still satisfy the definition of “worker” for the purposes of seeking compensation. Whether someone is a “worker” and is entitled to workers’ compensation is a legal issue a workers’ compensation lawyer can assist with.

    Any injury or illness caused in connection with work will be covered by workers’ compensation. In other words, if an injury or illness was caused at or because of work, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation. 

    What can you make a WorkCover claim for?

    Here are examples of the types of injuries you may be able to make a claim for:

    Physical Injuries
    Fractures and breaks – ankle, leg, arm
    Lower back strain
    Neck strain
    Spinal injury, compression, slipped or bulging discs
    Cuts and lacerations
    Loss of finger
    Crushed hand, foot

    Psychological Injuries
    PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
    Anxiety disorders

    Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions
    Worsening of a pre-existing back injury due to workplace activities
    Increased severity of arthritis

    Delayed Onset Injuries or Conditions
    Lead poisoning

    Over Period of Time Injuries
    Repetitive-strain injury (RSI)
    Psychological stress injuries
    Industrial deafness
    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    The most common workplace injuries in Australia

    Some of the most common workplace injuries in Australia include, but aren’t limited to:

      • Strains and Sprains
        These injuries, also known as “musculoskeletal” injuries, typically result from overexertion, repetitive movements, or poor ergonomics.
      • Falls, Trips, and Slips
        These are the most common sources of injury in Australia. These incidents can occur due to uneven surfaces, wet floors, inadequate lighting, or improperly maintained walkways.
      • Fractures
        Fractures, resulting from the impact of falls or accidents, are a significant concern in workplaces. Construction sites, manufacturing plants, and industrial settings are prone to incidents that may lead to fractures.
      • Wounds and Lacerations
        Workplace injuries involving wounds and lacerations are often linked to the use of machinery, tools, or sharp objects. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and food services are particularly susceptible.
      • Mental Health Conditions
        Mental health conditions are increasingly recognized as a significant workplace concern in Australia. High-stress environments, excessive workload, and inadequate support systems can contribute to conditions such as anxiety and depression.

    It is important you seek legal advice if you have sustained an injury or illness in connection with your employment so that you can fully understand your rights and any time limits.


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