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    Can You Sue for Personal Injury?

    Can You Sue for Personal Injury? Trilby Misso is a law firm in Queensland, Australia, known for handling various types of personal injury cases. Trilby Misso, like many personal injury law firms, typically handles a range of personal injury cases, including but not...

    Is Compensation Claim Worth Making?

    Is it Worth Making a Compensation Claim? A common question people have when contemplating making a claim for compensation is whether it is financially worth pursuing. Assuming you have a right to make a claim, there are two aspects to this: will you be awarded a sum...

    Can I make a compensation claim?

    Compensation, compo, damages, reimbursement, and claim are all expressions you may have heard which can mean the same thing. Assessing if you are entitled to compensation will depend on where and how you were injured.  There are laws set out in legislation as well as...

    How to make a compensation claim?

    How to make a compensation personal injury claim? There are two elements in an personal injury claim that your lawyer will gather evidence in relation to, that is: Liability – who’s fault it is; and Quantum – the dollar value of the claim.  When you make a...